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Month: October 2013

Grout Cleaning Methods: Put Simply

If you’ve bought a new house or have an aging home, in most cases you will start to notice the nasty discolouration of your grout. Unfortunately there’s little you can do to prevent the formation of grout grime and discolouration, only be on top it. It’s important that as soon as your grout begins to show signs of dirt, that you look at some cleaning methods. If you do however […]

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Gutter Cleaning Tips

When you think of “gutter cleaning” you imagine a task that’s boring and tiresome. However gutter cleaning isn’t something we can avoid, it must be done, and completed a few times a year. If you think you can just simply jump onto the roof and get it done without any forethought you may find things go awry. Although it’s not an extremely difficult, nor laborious job, you still need to […]

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Flooding? Know How To Tackle Mould!

Have you been unfortunate enough to suffer the devastation of a flooded home? Nothing is worse than discovering a flooded home, as this means a major clean up needs to occur, and a lot of things need replacing.  If you act quickly then you may be able to save things from ending up in the bin or replaced. One of the major issues regarding flooding in the home is the […]

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Pets, Urine Stains, and Your Beloved Carpet, HELP?

Love your pets to death, but they’ve ruined your beloved carpet? If you’ve got old pet urine stains in your home then your likely sick of the incessant slight odour that fills your home. You can even find old stains that simply wouldn’t go away, which is extremely frustrating and embarrassing. However luckily there a few different things you can do to tackle these nasty carpet stains, it all depends […]

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