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Month: November 2013

Graffiti Removal ? Your Options…

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have your property or home covered by some distasteful graffiti art then you’re going to want to get rid of it straight away. You can either try your luck with some DIY methods of graffiti removal, or you can hire a professional exterior cleaner. Most cleaning companies will offer services specialising in graffiti removal so it’s a fairly easy service to organise. Your decision […]

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Blind Cleaning: Professional and DIY

Are you looking at doing some exhaustive household cleaning? Many people who decide to clean the entirety of their home, or those looking to clean up some specific areas, will always find some obstacles. Sometimes you can’t quite reach that high position, and often you may not have the right resources. Without the right resources or equipment cleaning can become an unsuccessful venture. You’ll even find you’ve forgotten certain areas […]

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Air Duct Cleaning and Why It’s Important

Have you thought about duct cleaning in your home? If the idea or concept of duct cleaning hasn’t really entered your mind you can probably be forgiven, as it’s not the most common activity in house or property cleaning. However the importance of duct cleaning is actually quite high, as the ducts that flow through our homes provide and circulate the air we breathe. If we leave our ducts without […]

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Smoke Damage: Floors and Walls Guide

Safety Elements: -Wear some proper safety equipment, especially if the smoke odour is still present in the house. – You should definitely wear a face mask (reducing inhalation of bad air) and gloves (protecting your hands from any loose or sharp objects whilst cleaning) -Opening all windows will help diffuse the smell of the remaining smoke Initial Clean Up: -You should begin the initial clean up as soon as possible […]

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Keeping Leather Furniture Flawless

Do you have leather furniture? Are you a bit worried about your leather aging and getting torn? If you want to keep leather looking fabulous in the future then some basic tips will increase the life of your beloved furniture. Leather can look absolutely stunning in the home however when you do see signs of wear and tear then you need to act fast, however it’s better to act before […]

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Stripping Wood Floors: Two Ways

If you’re looking at turning your old carpet space into wood floors, or just want to bring some freshness to your wooden floors, stripping and sealing is a necessary task. However going about the process of stripping and sealing is different depending on the floor your working with. Also available are two different methods when stripping, with these methods there are different benefits, however their success will depend on your […]

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