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Air Duct Cleaning and Why It’s Important

Have you thought about duct cleaning in your home? If the idea or concept of duct cleaning hasn’t really entered your mind you can probably be forgiven, as it’s not the most common activity in house or property cleaning. However the importance of duct cleaning is actually quite high, as the ducts that flow through our homes provide and circulate the air we breathe. If we leave our ducts without attention then the consequences can be troublesome.  Although many people won’t be rushing to clean their ducts it’s something you should definitely consider looking into at some point.

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When you’re looking into duct cleaning the major thing to remember is that a professional air conditioning company will always have more resources and measures to clean ducts. However this isn’t to say that you can’t clean your ducts yourself, but you won’t be able to get the same results. Without specialised knowledge and equipment, air duct cleaning is extremely difficult. Due the construction and structure of air ducts, the physical nature of duct cleaning is somewhat tricky.

Why do I need to clean air ducts? What’s the concern?

Do you enjoy breathing in clean air? It’s obvious that clean air is good thing, as we rely on fresh air to live. However in order to keep air clean within an indoor space there needs to regular processes that ensue.  General cleaning of your home is one of the ways in which we maintain clean air in the home and we do this because our living habits naturally bring about dust or rubbish.  Maintaining hygiene and keeping fresh air is task we consider normal, however many people forget about attention to detail.

What we tend to forget about is the dust and polluted particles that creep inside the areas of the home that we can’t see at first glance, such as air ducts. Air ducts over time can become clogged with all that dust, dust mites, pollutants and more.  Without us knowing these materials will be circulated around the home, and end up inside us.

Once we breathe in the polluted air there is many things that can occur, sometimes a little dust won’t hurt you at all, or more specifically, right away. However as the dust and polluted air does enter your body there can be some awful repercussions.  Some people will begin to have breathing difficulties, which can lead to more serious issues. Or those who struggle with allergies, or other respiratory issues, can have further problems.

There’s no way you can accurately predict how polluted or dirty air will affect each person, but living with this lowered air quality increases many risks to your health.

The Job of an Air Duct Cleaner:

Your air duct cleaner has many things to consider when cleaning air ducts as there are several components that need attention.

  • Vibration Isolators
  • Terminal Units
  • Air Terminals
  • Volume Control Dampers and More

If your air duct cleaner completes a thorough job of your air ducts then these components will be included. Many people are wary of trusting in an air duct cleaning professional, simply due to the fact that you can’t really check that the job is completed in full, you have to believe what the professionals tell you. However a professional air duct cleaning company will do their utmost to ensure you understand the cleaning processes they’re undertaking.


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In the end air duct cleaning is an activity you can undertake yourself or hire a professional to complete. However it is recommended you do have your ducts cleaned occasionally, as prevention will always be much easier than fighting issues in the future.





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