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Blind Cleaning: Professional and DIY

Are you looking at doing some exhaustive household cleaning?

Many people who decide to clean the entirety of their home, or those looking to clean up some specific areas, will always find some obstacles. Sometimes you can’t quite reach that high position, and often you may not have the right resources.

Without the right resources or equipment cleaning can become an unsuccessful venture. You’ll even find you’ve forgotten certain areas of the home that need cleaning, but they just don’t enter your mind.

One of the most common aspects of an interior that’s forgotten during cleaning is blinds, those beautiful shutters and materials that keep the sun from disturbing your interior activities. When you’re looking at trying to tackle your blinds you really need an action plan in mind otherwise you could end up with some damage.

Due to the range of blinds available and throughout homes there are a lot of different cleaning methods that will work, however you need to make sure your cleaning method is appropriate. There are some basic cleaning methods that should work on your vertical blinds, venetian blinds and pleated blinds (dependent on the material or fabric).

Some Blind Types:

Vertical Blinds: common in the home and highly functional. Can come in different materials such as fabric, aluminium, faux wood, cellular screen and more!

Basic Cleaning: You can wipe with dry cloth, vacuum and even in some cases use your washing machine.

vertical blinds

Roller Blinds:  most people love the easy and basic functioning of the pull down roller blind. With a simple pull and placement it’s widely used in rooms and kitchens. Usually most roller blinds will come in a plastic fabric type; there are many brands and designs.

Basic Cleaning:  Dry cloth


Venetian Blinds: if you’re looking for that added style element to your home then venetian blinds can provide that solution.  Venetian blinds are opened by slats being pulled up and bunching together, via cloth fabric attached.  You can get plastic and wood materials in this style.

 Basic Cleaning:  Dry Cloth

venetian blinds

Roman Blinds: if you’re looking for some glamour and unique style the roman blinds are your right choice. Generally you’ll find roman blinds to be on the higher end of the scale in terms of price and design.  Functioning is similar to venetian blinds.

 Basic Cleaning: Vacuum ( due to the amount of fabric bunched up).

roman blinds

Other methods of cleaning blinds include using particular products on the shelf, and pressure cleaning. You shouldn’t use any sort of pressure cleaning on thick fabrics.

As with many other household cleaning methods, the use of white vinegar can act as a great cleaning product for blinds. You should mix white vinegar and water together in a water bottle.  You then apply in small amounts to a rag and lightly wipe over your blinds, however you shouldn’t do this with cotton fabrics.

Professional Cleaning:

When basic cleaning methods don’t work, and the grime is simply being too stubborn, employing the use of a professional cleaning company may be the only option left. Although some people don’t believe professional cleaning is within their budget there are cleaning companies who charge reasonable prices.

However whether you can afford professional cleaning really depends on your own personal budget, don’t steer away just because other people believe professionals aren’t in their budget.  You should definitely look at more than one blind cleaning specialist to get an idea on the varied pricing.

Most professional cleaning companies will have their own specialised equipment and resources to treat your blinds. As there are so many delicate fabrics on the market your professional blind cleaning professional will have specific cleaning techniques that suit your specific blind type.

Some people will go to professionals every time their blinds are looking a bit scruffy, and others are determined to do it themselves to save costs.

At the same time there are many who believe that blinds will never look clean unless you’ve the cleaning outsourced.

blind cleaning

It’s up to you whether you think you can tackle the task of cleaning your blinds in DIY fashion, but you should definitely look into both options in detail before selecting your approach. However always remember that blinds do need cleaning, try not to forget this aspect of your home! If you’re moving out of a rental property and require a end of lease clean then this job will also be included.

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