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Flooding? Know How To Tackle Mould!

Have you been unfortunate enough to suffer the devastation of a flooded home?

Nothing is worse than discovering a flooded home, as this means a major clean up needs to occur, and a lot of things need replacing.  If you act quickly then you may be able to save things from ending up in the bin or replaced.

One of the major issues regarding flooding in the home is the moisture that refuses to dry, especially once it hits carpet areas of the home. Not only does flooding completely destroy carpet, but it can cause health issues for families or individuals. Usually health issues occur due to the mould that develops due to moisture.

fooded home

Health Issues from Mould

  • Breathing Difficulties
  • Cough
  • Congestion and Breathing Difficulties.
  • Upper respiratory infections

How can you prevent mould in a flooded home?

  • After a flood you should make sure you’re very careful about your safety, only attempt to enter your home once you’re completely suited up and aware of the dangers. Gather a team of helpers or professionals to help you complete this process.

What to wear:

–          Heavy duty gloves

–          Hard hat

–          Dust Mask

–          Heavy duty boots


  • If you find or know of anything  that isn’t water damaged then make sure you get this stuff out of the way first, as it’s better to firstly salvage all items you can.
  • Your obvious next step is to look at options to get rid of all remaining water in the house, which can be done through simple tools, like buckets, or with proper pumps. You can purchase heavy duty pumps for hardware or plumbing stores. You should also remove any debris found throughout your home.
  • Next step after getting out as much water as you can out is to get some heat and humidifiers inside the house. It’s important to get the place as dry as possible, as soon as possible. Open up the house with doors and windows, if the air is dry.
  • All wet items should be removed from the residence to ensure that any mould growth is removed before spreading.


Where will mould hit?

  • Mould is likely to grow on walls where it has been hit with water, or inside the wall cavities.
  • If drywall is hit by flooding then it is likely that you will need to remove certain areas of the walls.
  • Drywall cannot rectified once affected by mould, no cleaning process will deliver a satisfying or hygienic result.

carpet flood

If you’ve completed everything you can be still need professional help with the process you will find the carpet cleaning companies will have their own service specific to flood circumstances.

Make sure you act quickly when flood waters enter your home!


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