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Graffiti Removal ? Your Options…

If you’ve been unlucky enough to have your property or home covered by some distasteful graffiti art then you’re going to want to get rid of it straight away. You can either try your luck with some DIY methods of graffiti removal, or you can hire a professional exterior cleaner. Most cleaning companies will offer services specialising in graffiti removal so it’s a fairly easy service to organise.

Your decision regarding hiring a professional or doing it yourself is personal to your own lifestyle, if you want a quick solution then the obvious choice is to hire a graffiti removal professional. Or if you need to save some cash then your best choice will be looking at the DIY methods, however even if you choose to clean the graffiti yourself it may not get the same results as someone with expertise.

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Some DIY Methods:

Pressure Washer:

If you’re looking at removing chalk graffiti then you’ll find it a lot easier than spray paint. Utilising a water pressure system should do the trick. However you should only set the pressure washer to a lower pressure, and do not place a narrow attachment on the end. You’ll need a wide spread amount of water to get the graffiti off the surface without leaving uneven streaks left.  It’s also important that if you’re getting graffiti off wood that you be careful not to damage the wood with the pressure of the water. You can purchase pressure washers from your local hardware or trade store. Karcher is a widely used water pressure system on the market.


Paint Thinners and Chemical Methods:

Another easily accessible and cheaper option is to buy some chemicals that will remove graffiti. You will easily be able to find paint thinner, mineral spirits, acetone, and even products made for graffiti removal. You need to be careful when using chemicals as the strength can damage the surface, especially if your graffiti is already on a painted surface. However this method should be relatively effective on metal surfaces and glass. As these chemicals are easily bought, and inexpensive, this method is common. Although you should always try and utilise basic water pressure techniques before applying chemicals.

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If you don’t want the hassle of removing the graffiti, or you’re struggling to get any results from other methods, you can always go with the option of re-painting. When you decide to re-paint over the graffiti make sure you’re looking at the colours already on the surface, and get some advice on what sort of colours will be able to eradicate the graffiti in full. Usually you’re going to need to go with a darker colour, or complete several layers of a light colour. In all circumstances this option should be your last when it comes to treating unwanted graffiti, as you’re really only masking the mess.

The Professional:

Sometimes you can utilise all the DIY methods in the world and still not be able to get rid of graffiti. If you want an easy solution that’s hassle free, you can almost always get the right results by hiring a professional. You’ll find that most cleaning companies will be able to sort out graffiti removal on your property and they’ll utilise all the best equipment for your surface. With training and experience under their belts it’s expected that hiring the services of a professional cleaning company will leave you with the best results. Your professional will also be able to apply anit-graffiti coatings that will assist you for the future.

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Choosing whether to go ahead with DIY methods can be a difficult decision, especially if your surface is in a high visibility area. If you do enough research and approach the graffiti removal methods with caution you should be okay not to damage your surface. Always make sure you hold off on the harsher treatments until you try others.

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