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Keeping Leather Furniture Flawless

Do you have leather furniture? Are you a bit worried about your leather aging and getting torn? If you want to keep leather looking fabulous in the future then some basic tips will increase the life of your beloved furniture.

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Leather can look absolutely stunning in the home however when you do see signs of wear and tear then you need to act fast, however it’s better to act before you see any damage! You should also always be careful about any products you use to clean leather furniture, as sometimes they can cause damage, always test a small area of the furniture first.

There are many small ways to prevent the life of your leather furniture, and many people swear by their own techniques, so here are a few:

Regular Dusting:

Although this seems like common sense, regularly dusting your leather furniture is extremely necessary. Cleaning dust off your leather will keep it looking fresh, as well as prevent any markings from the dust creeping into any creases.

Vacuum Cleaner:

If you want to clean simple dust of your leather then you can go one better than dusting and clean your furniture with your household vacuum. Whether you want to go to the effort of cleaning with your vacuum is entirely your choice.

Keep Away From Sun:

Like a lot of items, the sun can cause your leather to wear out. It’s best to keep your furniture away from the sun as best possible, or move it out of the sun on extremely hot sunny days. The hot sun will eventually cause cracks and dry out the leather in the future.

Microfiber Rags:

Microfiber cloths are good for casually wiping down your leather furniture and getting rid of dust, without damaging the leather itself.  You’ll need to put the cloth under water before using it on the leather.

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Leather Cleaning Products:

If you want a way to clean your leather furniture in a all-in-one type fashion you’ll find a lot of leather cleaning products in most retail stores. Some of the leather cleaning products include Selley’s Leather Clean, Oakwood Leather Conditioner, Multimaster and more. However when choosing your leather cleaner you should read the instructions carefully, as the product you choose should depend on whether you just providing a general clean, or trying to remove a stain.

If you’re trying to maintain a general cleaning routine then it’s best to use a very soft cleaner, as the stronger cleaners aren’t necessary unless you have stains. Your cleaning routine should be about every four months, give or take.

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Physical Protection:

One of the best and most effective ways of preventing any damage to your leather furniture is to place material over the leather when you’re not using the furniture. If you don’t use the room the furniture is in often then this is probably the best way to protect your furniture from the sun.  You can also buy furniture covers if you want something that’s specifically designed for your furniture type, however sheets or towels will work effectively also.

As you can see there are many different methods you can undertake when trying to protect your leather furniture. If you want to keep your leather in the best possible condition it’s worth taking the time to quickly apply some of these methods, as none of them take long at all. You’ll be surprised just how well these leather cleaning techniques can keep your furniture fresh for the future.


If you want a more professional approach to cleaning your leather furniture you can also hire an expert from a local cleaning company. Many cleaning companies can take this job out of your hands if you’re strapped for time, or perhaps think someone else can do it better. Just look at all available information and speak to your cleaner, then you’ll feel more confident in settling on a decision.

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