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Pets, Urine Stains, and Your Beloved Carpet, HELP?

Love your pets to death, but they’ve ruined your beloved carpet? If you’ve got old pet urine stains in your home then your likely sick of the incessant slight odour that fills your home. You can even find old stains that simply wouldn’t go away, which is extremely frustrating and embarrassing. However luckily there a few different things you can do to tackle these nasty carpet stains, it all depends on your budget and opinion.

urine stains

Your options:

Using some specialised products:

As pet urine stains are a very common problem amongst home owners there are many different products on the market.  You’ll be able to find many that promise an odour and stain free result, it’s up to you to look at some reviews to decide whether you want to go in that direction. Getting the professional carpet cleaning result you desire can be very difficult and so you may have to try a few methods.

Some of the products that can be used include: Urine Free, Urine Off and Piss Off.  All of these products have the same goal, although they may have different mixtures.

Household Solutions:

If you want to create your mixture to get rid of pet urine stains, you can look at some basic household products that will do the job.

-You must first soak up the stains before attempting to complete any scrubbing or intensive cleaning.

-You’re basic baking soda and hydrogen peroxide 3% solution will be able to reach a very effective result.

-You will need a heavy duty scrub brush to complete the job, or else you won’t get all the particles out of the carpet. You also need to do a test with your hydrogen peroxide by pouring a bit on an area of carpet not in the open, if there is any change in carpet’s colour, don’t use to clean pet urine stains.

-Pour out some baking soda over the stained areas, and then scrub it into the carpet with your scrub brush. Allow the process to work by leaving the baking soda to soak overnight. This baking soda solution will get rid of the odour.

-After your baking soda has soaked after a time period our over the hydrogen peroxide on top. You should scrub again to get both mixtures working together, and then leave to rest for 25 minutes.

Now you need to clean up the solution by using paper towel to get rid of the moisture, then after it is dry then vacuum left over remnants.

How can I prevent my pet from continuing to ruin my carpet?

Unfortunately if there is still odour remaining in any of the stains then your pet will be attracted to the same areas. Your best preventative measure is to find ways to attract your pet elsewhere, which likely means training or re-training.  Or you can go to your local pet store to find specific sprays that pets don’t like; this will help in some cases. However in order to completely reduce the problem you’ll need to look into behaviour modification through intensive training.

urine 2

Trying to get rid of pet urine stains can be a very tiresome experience, and sometimes to get the result you’re searching for it’s best to call a carpet cleaning expert who has all the right heavy duty equipment.

Make sure you quickly attack carpet stains to achieve the best results.

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