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Month: June 2014

Cleaning Out Your Attic or Basement

When mentioning the words ‘attic’ or ‘basement’ there’s always a wide variety of reactions, but most commonly a reaction of dread. Over the years we’ve all been guilty of chucking every bit and bob into our attic or basement, especially during spring cleaning or after Christmas. Christmas can be the worst time when it comes to cramming belongings into the basement, we’re getting new dazzling items, then partially parting ways […]

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Cleaning Mould Within The Home

What is mould? Although most are aware of what mould looks like and the damage it can cause to homes, we’re not all knowledgeable on the finer details. Mould in its most basic form is an organism which grows and breaks down organic material. Furthermore there are many different mould varieties, but together they’re referred to as fungi. You may recognise the term fungi when talking about health and the […]

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