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Month: August 2014

When to Hire a Skip Bin Service

Change in home circumstances, whether good or bad often lead to an excess of junk, rubbish and recycling.  Home bins can only handle so much and there are rules and regulations in regards to hard rubbish and dangerous materials.  When you find yourself with too much rubbish and no trailer to haul it away yourself its best to hire a skip bin.  Skip bins come in a range of sizes, […]

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How to Clean Cement

The best way to have clean concrete is to never let it get dirty, but who has time to periodically clean cement?  Concrete is porous so it doesn’t take long for dirt, grime, oil, rust and moss to build up and make your cement look dull and tired.  Cement can be quite beautiful when it is well maintained, cleaned and polished.  Here are a few tips for how to clean […]

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