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Carpet Cleaning For Stairs : Techniques and Tips

Do you have a double storey home? Or perhaps you just have a split level home? Either way you’ll know the burden of cleaning these stairs if they’re carpeted. If you have a lot of stairs or a long staircase within your home then cleaning may become a dreaded and often shunned task. However just like all carpet within your home, you can’t go without cleaning. Perhaps you’d like some tips and tricks when it comes to cleaning your carpeted stairs? Or maybe it’s just easier to to hire a professional carpet cleaner to handle the job?

If you’d like to handle the stairs yourself then check out some tips and tricks below! You’ll find these methods quite handy and successful.

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Tips and Methods:

  • Due to the shape of stairs dust accumulates in the crevices and corners, making the cleaning job that bit harder. In order to get out the more ingrained dust and dirt a good idea is to utilise a hard brush broom. You should do this before you begin any wet cleaning process. Simply use some force and brush each step a few times to dig out the more stubborn dirt.
  • A vacuum cleaner is a must when it comes to cleaning your carpet stairs, as the suction should get rid of any loose dirt. You should use a vacuum in conjunction with a hard brush as the vacuum will pick up that loose dirt that’s been picked up by the brush. A small hand vacuum cleaner will be of more use and easier to handle than trying to lug a larger vacuum up your stairs. However you will find that some vacuums have attachments that can also make this process a lot easier.

After you have completed dry cleaning tasks of your stairs, the next thing is to provide your stairs a more intensive clean, with already labelled products, or your own shampoo recipe.

Shampoo and Carpet Cleaning Mix:

  • Baking Soda
  • Hot Water
  • Liquid Soap
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Distilled Vinegar

You can find a few different variations of DIY shampoo mixes when you’re looking online, so why not have a browse and find one that you think you’d like to work with, although there isn’t much a of way to determine the best home made concoction. Most should work if you mix the right way.

  • When shampooing and vacuuming your carpet you should always start from the highest stair and work your way down, which avoids you having to walk down the stairs to get to the bottom (which will ruin your hard work).
  • After the shampooing process you will need to dry the stairs as quickly as possible to ensure the moisture doesn’t produce mould or any contaminants. If you have a wet/dry vacuum then this will obviously be the most suitable option for drying fast. However not everyone can get their hands on this machine so the next best option is to use towels. You’ll need to put a bit of time into drying the carpeted stairs with towels, as the towels will not be as absorbent as your wet/dry vacuum.
  • After your carpet is completely dry you can do last minute cleaning if you think this is necessary.


Make sure you make a habit of cleaning your carpeted stairs regularly if they’re used a lot, otherwise you should only need to clean them every 4-5 months. If you don’t want to tackle the job yourself then you should find a local carpet cleaner who can take on this duty.


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