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Cleaning Out Your Attic or Basement

When mentioning the words ‘attic’ or ‘basement’ there’s always a wide variety of reactions, but most commonly a reaction of dread. Over the years we’ve all been guilty of chucking every bit and bob into our attic or basement, especially during spring cleaning or after Christmas. Christmas can be the worst time when it comes to cramming belongings into the basement, we’re getting new dazzling items, then partially parting ways with old ones. Most people find it easier to pack away items rather than decide to throw things out, but eventually this formula leads to a greater problem.  As well as  building up clutter you are creating the perfect home for spiders, possums and even birds to hide.  To avoid calling a pest control expert as well as a skip bin hire company make sure you keep your attic clean!


Whether you’ve decided you have no room left in your basement/attic, or simply looking to clean up major aspects of your home, the cleaning out of an attic space is unavoidable. Now how do you go about such a task? Many cleaning fanatics will have their own methods and plans when it comes to this daunting task, but there are some strong commonalities in which have been sorted out below. Make sure you take this type of job in phases and steps, all clearly laid out before beginning the process.

Pre Planning:

In order to conduct a successful clean-out it’s important you have strict planning in place, and clear idea of how to go about the process in a methodical way. Every basement or attic space is different, and utilised for different purposes, which is why everyone will have a modified plan. Despite the differences of attic spaces there are a few things you need to sort out and consider.

  • Do you have an idea what you’re going to find in the attic? If so then you’ll have an easier idea on how to organise.
  • Are you looking to re-arrange and re-package items? Or maybe you’re considering completely throwing out some items? You need to ensure there is a clear purpose to your cleaning.
  • Do you have all the right materials and resources to complete the job? Ensure you have extra boxes or options to relocate items during the process.
  • Is this job going to take place over a few days, weeks, or just one day? In most cases one day won’t be enough so make sure you have a good idea on time frame and not leave yourself to become stressed or rushed.
  • Are you seeking helpers? Is this a family task? Or maybe most of the items are yours and you’re going to take the journey alone?



Unpacking and Organising:

Once you have a clear pan and have answered some of the questions above then you’re ready to take on the physical labour. If you already have labelled boxes or items then you should probably leave the sorting of those items until last, as they’re already half way sorted. First you need to begin with boxes or storage that you’re unsure about, such as unlabeled boxes. Make sure you have on hand other boxes you can transfer the objects from the unmarked boxes into, as this will reduce clutter whilst sorting.

When completing this sorting task you should have clear categories in mind or written on your new empty boxes/storage, allowing you to quickly move the items. You will sometimes come across items that don’t fit into your categories, in which you can probably make an ‘other’ pile category. (Be careful not to fill this category with too many items)

After everything is sorted out into their prospective categories then you’re at the stage where some cut throat decisions will need to ensue. However the sorting out process may take longer than you think so ensure you’re not rushing this stage, as it will lead to hold ups further in the process.


Disposal of Unwanted Items:

Now this is the stage where you look at all your categorised items and make a decision surrounding their fate. Some people may find this process a little difficult, and it can span over many days, it all depends on your attachment to the items. However if you’ve got no room left in your attic for any additional items then it’s probably wise to consider either public storage or throwing stuff out. You don’t want to leave yourself with no room to relocate belongings in the future.

Once you’ve sorted out which items you want to get rid of then place them all into large bin bags and relocate to your front door or any other space in your home that will ensure you remember to sort out their removal. Depending on how many items you need to get rid of and your own resources, you may require a skip bin, trailer, or ute.

Re-Designing Your Attic/Basement:

When you’re finally left with the all the items you’re happy with keeping then you need to re-organise the layout of your space. If you have less items then you’ll have a bonus amount of room left to move freely or to add more items. It’s important to find a layout the maximises your storage space and that suits the shape of the room. Look online or just invest in some spatially creative assistance to ensure your layout is perfect.

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Tackling a big job like cleaning the attic or basement can be a major drainer, but not when you have a clear plan! Take whatever opportunity you can when finding time for this job because once you’ve settled on the work you’ll be 100% satisfied with the outcome. We all know major cleaning jobs can be boring and exhausting, but the end result always leaves you feeling accomplished.

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