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Exterior House Washing and The Pressure Cleaner

When people think about cleaning the home it’s usually regarding the interior, however it’s also important to remember the exterior. Just like the inside of your home the outside of the house picks up dirt and grime, even to a much higher extent. Due the differing weather conditions the outside of your property faces a storm of different particles every day. Whether the winter chill increases mildew, or a harsh storm causes mud splatter, it’s unlikely your exterior will be in perfect condition all year round.

Depending on the type of exterior your home is made from will determine how the weather or time affects it’s appearance. However over time you may notice that certain areas of the exterior will develop build ups of different grime and mould. It’s important that if you want to maintain and preserve the condition of the exterior that you place aside some time for cleaning. On average you should attempt to clean this area of your home twice a year depending on your own judgement and rain levels.


With the introduction of the ‘Pressure Washer’ you can now easily get rid of stubborn grime and provide an intensive all-round exterior clean. Most people swear by the results of any pressure washer and even own their own. However you can also hire out these cleaning machines through hardware or cleaning stores.

Pressure Washing Guidelines and Tips:

  • Your first step is quite obvious, you’ll need to either purchase one, or hire.
  • Before you begin any pressure washing you need to ensure that you fully protect areas of your exterior that could be damaged. One of the most important areas to cover is anything electrical, for obvious reasons, don’t try mixing electricity with water. You should also protect any plants, ornaments and anything that you don’t think can handle the strength of pressurized water.

Tip: Don’t use your pressure washer to clean aluminum or painted areas, they will be damaged. However if the point of your work is to remove old paint from the exterior then you can ignore this handy hint.

  • If you can remove any mildew or grime manually before using the pressure washer then you should. Sometimes a pressure washer won’t be able to completely get rid of certain grime or mould that’s hardened onto the wall. Simply loosen any of this grime with a scrubbing brush, or dip it in water if it doesn’t work.
  • Depending on the pressure washer you can either use plain water to clean the surface, or with some you can utilise a cleaning solution. It’s best to strictly follow the instruction manual provided with the machine.
  • Hook up the pressure to the garden hose!
  • Begin cleaning on a low pressure and from the top of the walls, then work the motion down to the bottom. It’s important to set your pressure washer low to ensure that the force isn’t too strong and immediately damages your exterior. Turn it up to a higher PSI (strength) once you’ve tested it on a low PSI.

pressure washer

If you don’t own a pressure washer then you can still clean the exterior home manually,however it will be a lot more time consuming and difficult. Below is a few tips on what cleaning solutions to use on different surfaces.

You will need to have a few different tools and equipment to manually clean your exterior:

  • Wire Scrubbing Brush
  • Large Sponge
  • Hose and Hose Attachment

Masonry, Wood, Painted Surfaces:

These are particularity fragile surfaces and you should use a mixture of 1tsp of sugar soap.

Weathered Wood:

Use organic oxalic acid and a scrubbing brush to prevent any damage.

cleaning outside

Next time you’re cleaning your home remember to think about the exterior, it’s a relatively easy job that only needs completion a few times a year. With high pressure washers and a range of effective cleaning solutions now available you don’t need to spend time working out any complex details.

Or if you want to be sure that your exterior is cleaned with precision, or if your exterior is a complex structure, try contacting cleaning professionals.


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