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How to Maintain a Clean Business Office

Maintaining the ideals and image of your business is of one of the most important aspects of running a company. Whether you offer outstanding services or have a great product for a client can be ruined through poor presentation. If the majority of business dealings are conducted within your office or conference room it’s important that you have this area in impeccable condition.

Perhaps you already have in-house cleaning roster that incorporates the joint effort of your staff? Or maybe you have an outsourced office cleaning business already on the case?

As long as you have a system that allows full coverage of your entire workspace then the system itself doesn’t particularly need altering. However in some cases plans and rosters don’t end up working out smoothly, which is why it’s good to have some basic information or advice on the subject.

Areas Of Focus When Undertaking Office Cleaning Duties:


Eating Arrangements:

Are you noticing a lot of food remnants lying around the office space? Perhaps there needs to a more disciplined system for eating introduced within the workplace. As a manager you can enforce some rule, or simply spread some awareness on the topic of clean eating.

If you’re a worker then perhaps you can look at alternative arrangements than curling up behind your desk at lunch time. Not only will you feel more relaxed away from a computer screen, you’ll also find the crumbs no longer sit in the crevices of your keyboard.

Regular Cleaning of Break Room or Tea Room:

Without a doubt there needs to be a focus upon the kitchen area and tea room, as this is the central cave of food habits. As a manager you should ensure that there are adequate cleaning products in the kitchen, allowing all employees to regularly utilise these when cleaning dishes. Keeping on top of all cleaning product supplies is of major importance when attempting to keep a consistently hygienic environment. Furthermore having firm kitchen maintenance rules in place is a good idea when you’re dealing with a substantial amount of employees. Ensuring everyone follows these rules is another obstacle when coordinating office cleaning tasks.

Garbage and Rubbish:

If you want to ensure that your workplace is maintaining an overall clean and odour free environment then there is no question that a rubbish schedule needs to be in place. Whether maintenance involves a roster for clearing up individual bins once a week, or leaving it up to employees when it comes to rubbish day, there needs to be a consensus.

If you’re an employee then it’s wise to ensure that you’re not leaving old fruit or odorous food to hang around in your bin for too long. Make the effort to take care of this particular rubbish even if it requires emptying your bin into the outside bin more than once a week.

Keeping Dust Free Benches and Surfaces:

Without knowing it your workplace contains endless amounts of dust molecules, all resting on top of flat surfaces throughout the entire office. Depending on the structure of your office and atmosphere you’ll notice that dust piles up more significantly on certain surfaces. Monitoring dust on all hard surfaces is a must in terms of presentation and hygiene. Nothing is worse than a client’s eyes falling upon a clump of dust sitting on top of your TV monitor or chairs.

You can list a million different areas of the office that need to be regularly cleaned and maintained, including the bathrooms. In most cases it’s more cost and time effective to utilise professional office cleaning services for the workplace.

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