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Solar Panel Cleaning?

If you’ve invested in solar power for your property then you’re probably sitting back and enjoying the benefits! Unfortunately solar panels do require maintenance, something you may not have realized until you were researching; many people aren’t aware that solar panels to require specific care. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to maintain the health of your solar panels is through cleaning. Simple cleaning procedures will ensure that your solar panels are in the best shape possible.

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Is it vital that I clean my solar panels?

Many people may think that cleaning solar panels is something only perfectionists might get up to, but there are clear benefits to maintaining a clean solar panel.

Without cleaning there are many things that can end up stuck on your panels:

  • Moss
  • Ash
  • General Dirt Particles Built Up
  • Animal Droppings
  • Pollution

Although most of these substances are harmless in the short term without cleaning they can build up and cause issues for your panels. Not only will your panels look ugly and diminish the look of your exterior, it can also mean difficulty with the functioning of the panels. Your panels may reduce the energy disposition to your home.

However cleaning your panels shouldn’t be a weekly activity, your cleaning schedule for your panels should be dependent on your intuition and look of the panels. If you live in a rural area and nature is harsh towards your panels then you may need to clean them more regularly than other solar panel owners. If the panels are covered in dirt or muck then you should definitely give them a thorough clean and make note of how long it takes for them to get back into this condition.

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Solar Panel Cleaning Tips:

  • You can purchase a solar panel cleaning kit: liquid and cleaning equipment included
  • It’s suggested that you clean your panels when they’re wet or moist (as any muck stuck on the panels will wipe away easier)
  • Don’t use any harsh utensils to clean as they can damage the panel, this is important as it can be costly to fix and replace panels
  • In some cases plain water and a soft brush will wipe away general grime
  • It’s best to clean with a long handled wiper and clean while you’re on the ground. (This will ensure safety)

solar panel cleaning

Professional Solar Panel Cleaning:

If you’re concerned and hesitant about solar panel cleaning duties then you can also go with option of calling in a professional. You’ll find that many exterior cleaning companies will be able to provide you a specialised solar panel cleaning service.

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