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Window Cleaning Tools

If you’ve noticed that your home or office windows are looking a bit dirty and ugly then it’s probably time to provide them some cleaning maintenance. It’s likely that you’ve cleaned these windows before, but perhaps you haven’t got the results you desired? Finding out additional information about specific¬† resources and equipment can really assist with reaching higher quality results. However some people may find that endless window cleaning duties are tiresome and too difficult to get outstanding results, which is why there are professional window cleaning companies available.

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Whether or not you choose to go at it alone, or enlist in the help of a professional window cleaner (which can be any general cleaner or bond cleaning specialist), there is still information that you may be interested in knowing. With a bit of research and tests you may be able to find the approach that best suits your requirements.

Equipment and Tools:


Probably your most important tool when thinking about conducting window cleaning duties yourself is the Squeegee, a utensil that contains a handle, rubber blade material, and a sponge type material on the other side. Many people may already own a squeegee as it is common tool for cleaning glass surfaces.

As an over the counter product there are many types available, if you want to achieve quality streak free results then it’s vital that you buy one of a good standard. Squeegee’s are generally cheap but it’s probably best not to go with one that’s too cheap and looks a bit fragile.

You can also get a whole range of different sizes in this product so make sure you select one that can cover the a good width of your windows (providing you less work).


Scraping Blade:

Sometimes cleaning windows with soft materials won’t be able to provide the results you desire, especially if you’re trying to rid of stubborn muck that’s stuck on your windows. With the help of a scraper tool you can remove all stubborn stains such as paints or varnishes.

Most quality scraper tools will come with replacement blades, which allows you to keep the blades in the best condition for use. Without a sharp blade you can risk damaging the window because you will need to press harder to remove the stains.

You must be careful when utilising the scraper as it is an open blade and may cause damage to your windows if you’re not steady handed. Furthermore a scraper can also cause you or someone else harm if handled incorrectly.

Cleaning Bucket and Cleaning Mixture:

For obvious reasons you will need a trustworthy and comfortable bucket to hold the liquid you’re using for your windows. Make sure the bucket is easy to handle and won’t cause any issues when cleaning your windows, however most buckets should be fine for this task.

As for what type of detergent or cleaner you utilise for window cleaning, there are many opinions, and it’s hard to determine one that stands out dramatically among the rest.

Some cleaning mixtures and ideas include:

  • ¬†Vinegar & Water Solution
  • Dish washing detergent, vinegar, water
  • Water, vinegar, cornstarch
  • Pre-Packaged Window Cleaning Products


Extending poles are the best tools for cleaning windows that are high and unreachable at normal height. Like squeegee utensils you can find a range of different extension poles, ranging in brand and size.


Micro- fibre Cloth:

A micro-fibre cloth is handy cleaning tool because it acts a primer for cleaning windows, it can swiftly pick up any dust or surface dust before you add any water or cleaning mixture. It’s important to wipe away any surface grime or dust before an intense clean of your windows, it prevents dust being moved around on the glass without being picked up.


These are some of the many tools and resources utilised when conducting window cleaning. It’s important you’re prepared with the right equipment if you want to get satisfying results. Otherwise you can always look into contacting a cleaning professional. Most professional¬† cleaning companies will have their own equipment, and in most cases is the best possible technology.





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