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The Dangers Of Not Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are a wonderful invention, they cool us down when temperatures are at an extreme high, they also help maintain a consistency in the room to suit you and your family. There is nothing better than sitting on the couch with the air conditioner blaring through the family room, making you feel cool and eliminating that sticky feeling you may get on a scorching summers day.



As long as your air conditioner is properly looked after, some health problems can definitely be avoided. Air conditioners are made to release cool air that will gradually spread throughout your room, but it can also accumulate dust, dirt and allergenic particles, causing several allergies including asthma and allergies. This is one of the main reasons you must clean your air conditioner, as other more harmful diseases such as fungi, bacteria or even viruses can be even more hazardous to your health, bringing on all types of illnesses.

The most common form of disease that can be spread through dirty air conditioners is legionnaire’s disease, which is caused by legionella bacteria which lives in water. When small amounts of legionella are found, usually they are harmless, however when they grow in your air conditioning unit and multiply, that when it can be dangerous.


Water droplets that are contaminated can then be spread through the cooling system and can infect a whole building. You might receive some flu like symptoms, which can be deadly for approximately 10-15% of cases.

The best way to avoid any diseases from spreading is to make sure that your air conditioner is cleaned on a regular basis, particularly around the intakes and outlets where the majority of dust tends to accumulate. Getting a damp cloth and just wiping away the dust is a good way to eliminate dirt.

Generally most of the dust around and inside your air conditioner is visible to the naked eye; you can even use a duster to remove the dirt where the air is released. The best time to get your cooling system checked by a technician is during the colder months when your system isn’t getting used as much, as the inactivity can bring on the bacteria.

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