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Disposing of Batteries

Many of us have had the frustrating moment when you go to change the channel and the remote control has stopped working. Suddenly you realise that it could be the batteries that need replacing; once you place the new ones into the remote, do you every wonder what to do with the old batteries?

Batteries are made up of heavy metals and toxic components, including alkaline, and mercury, so it’s incredibly important that they are correctly discarded to avoid any environmental issues from arising. For batteries that end up being disposed at landfill locations, this can have detrimental consequences to humans and animals. The only battery that is able to be recycled in Australia are those for vehicles. While a number of members from the battery industry have joined together to look at ways to ensure that all batteries are handled correctly; this is still an ongoing issue that continues to have a negative effect.


Even through batteries are recyclable, around 97% of them end up in landfill, which works out to be around 8000 tonnes every year. There are some ways in which we can decrease the number of batteries that make it to landfill sites; from reducing the batteries you purchase to only buying those that are rechargeable, if everyone of us altered our mindset with batteries, the world would certainly be a better and cleaner place.

Even though we live in a world that revolves around convenience, rechargeable batteries are simple to use. You can purchase battery chargers from your local hardware store for around thirty dollars, although that may seem excessive, you will save money in the long term.

If you seek further information regarding the disposal of batteries, or any other type of waste, contact your nearest rubbish removal business.

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