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Disposing of Batteries

Many of us have had the frustrating moment when you go to change the channel and the remote control has stopped working. Suddenly you realise that it could be the batteries that need replacing; once you place the new ones into the remote, do you every wonder what to do with the old batteries? Batteries […]

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Cleaning Blinds the Right Way

Every now and again, blinds require a little touch up, as dust and other natural debris can create not only visually unappealing shades, but can also cause allergies to occur. We recommend maintaining all blinds frequently, as this will evade the need to clean vigorously. Non Fabric Blinds Before even picking up a cloth, we […]


SteamDry Carpet Cleaning

It’s normal to have a couple of stains on your carpet, especially if you have kids in your home or have pets running around. SteamDry Carpet Cleaning is a highly established and reliable business, able to provide five-star carpet cleaning services at the most affordable prices. Although we do recommend vacuuming on a regular basis, […]

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Why You Should Hire A Skip Bin

Are you sick of looking at that rubbish that just keeps on piling up in your garage? You say you’re going to get around to cleaning it up but never do. A year goes by and the garage is so full that your car is unable to fit amongst the masses of junk. Skip Bins […]

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The Dangers Of Not Cleaning Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are a wonderful invention, they cool us down when temperatures are at an extreme high, they also help maintain a consistency in the room to suit you and your family. There is nothing better than sitting on the couch with the air conditioner blaring through the family room, making you feel cool and […]

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Floor Sanding

Floor sanding is an efficient and low cost way to ensure your floors go from looking old and dusty to looking clean and brand new. Having polished and restored floors brings a sparkle to your home, whether it is a newly built home or an older one. Just like carpet that needs to be cleaned […]

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8 Steps to a Cleaner Air Conditioner

When was the last time you had your air conditioner professionally cleaned?  If you can’t remember the answer is too long. Even the most efficient cleaners and home owners forget about cleaning the inside of an air conditioning unit.  Experts recommend that air conditioning units of any make or model should be cleaned at least […]

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Bond Cleaning Tips and Responsibilities

If you’re moving out of a rental property for the first time then it’s important that you understand what you need to do you get your bond back. One of the most important responsibilities you have as a tenant is to ensure the property is looking exactly how it did when you first moved in. […]

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Steam Cleaning VS Dry Carpet Cleaning

Is it time for your carpet to be revitalised? Or perhaps you’ve got some nasty stains driving you completely mad? When you’re looking at getting your carpets cleaned you’ll find that many companies boast their own techniques and equipment, making it hard to select the right cleaning method. You should always be wary of what […]

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When to Hire a Skip Bin Service

Change in home circumstances, whether good or bad often lead to an excess of junk, rubbish and recycling.  Home bins can only handle so much and there are rules and regulations in regards to hard rubbish and dangerous materials.  When you find yourself with too much rubbish and no trailer to haul it away yourself […]

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