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Steam Cleaning VS Dry Carpet Cleaning

Is it time for your carpet to be revitalised? Or perhaps you’ve got some nasty stains driving you completely mad? When you’re looking at getting your carpets cleaned you’ll find that many companies boast their own techniques and equipment, making it hard to select the right cleaning method. You should always be wary of what any professional advises, especially if they have only one option for you.  It’s advised you […]

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Carpet Cleaning For Stairs : Techniques and Tips

Do you have a double storey home? Or perhaps you just have a split level home? Either way you’ll know the burden of cleaning these stairs if they’re carpeted. If you have a lot of stairs or a long staircase within your home then cleaning may become a dreaded and often shunned task. However just like all carpet within your home, you can’t go without cleaning. Perhaps you’d like some […]

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